AURA ( Karoliina ) – originally from Finland and grew up in Stockholm. Currently living on an island outside of Potsdam where I warmly welcome clients to photo sessions at my home-studio and in nature.
With 20 years of experience as a freelance photographer & director of photography + various other positions in the german TV/ Film industry I love my work as a visual director and photographer, where I weave in spiritual and psychological aspects into the sessions and the visual work.
I see my calling in capturing enchanting worlds with my camera, directing and visualizing short films, dance videos image films and portraying people in a true way.
With various spiritual and personal growth work educations, I am currently a student in my 5th year of studies becoming a CSP – Certified shamanic practitioner @FoxFire Institute of shamanic studies.
For me the LIGHT and the artistic expression, nature and creating from my heart together with creative people – makes life and my work a true JOY. I work with a wonderfully talented team for larger projects. 
Looking forward to creating together with YOU!
Love, AURA






Visual Directing & Photography
Phone: +49(0)172 392 4231
Am Fährgut 15 
14476 Potsdam
St.Nr. 046 255/10371
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