Let me follow your S O U L with my camera and gently capture Your essence & spirit. I would love to make your light and your inner expression visible into the images 
In a photo or film session with me YOU can feel truly seen & relaxed in front of the camera. We will together create and bring Your vision into the images . 
                                 LET`S CREATE SHINING BEAUTIFUL IMAGES of YOU
About: AURA (Karoliina)
Born in Finland, grew up in Sweden and have lived in Berlin for 23 years.
As a freelance photographer & director of photography since 20 years, with several years of experience in various other positions in the german TV /Film industry I found film to be my favorite art form. Before that I danced and had a singing/music-school education in Stockholm
I work as a visual director and capture worlds with my camera, direct and visualize short films,  dance videos,  image films for businesses and entrepreneurs, and documentaries, photography and art for women, men, artists, entrepreneurs and healers
With various spiritual and personal growth work educations, I am currently a student in my 5th year of studies becoming a CSP – Certified shamanic practitioner @FoxFire Institute of shamanic studies . I also have training in energy psychology, kinesiology, dance, film and arts.
Feel warmly welcome to book a photo or film session with me in NATURE or in the city in Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki or elsewhere in the world. I LOVE working in nature, on islands and close to & with the water and I truly love cooperating and creating together with lovely heart driven people. Looking forward to meeting and creating together with YOU!
Love, AURA


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Visual Director & Photographer
Director of Photography
Phone: +49(0)172 392 4231
Sonnenburger Strasse 68
104 37 Berlin, Germany
St.Nr. 31/ 464/62704
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